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We help people make a living:

Nobody wants to live on handouts. So we fund work to ensure women and men in developing countries can make a decent living, access markets, and meet their families’ needs long term. In particular we’re:

  • increasing access to clean water, education and healthcare.
  • ensuring the private sector adopts fair working practices and conditions.
  • helping partners to set up effective programmes and services in their communities.
  • lobbying the UK government and EU to implement policies which help developing countries.

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We're there in disasters and emergencies:

We fund work with vulnerable communities before, during and after emergencies happen to:

  • ensure they have the resources to survive, minimise and recover from emergencies and environmental threats.
  • work for peace and security, reducing the risk of violence, forced displacement or armed conflict.
  • lobby the UK and EU governments to prevent, respond and resolve conflicts and emergencies.

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We campaign for justice and an end to poverty:

We challenge those with power to adopt policies that promote justice and end poverty by:

  • lobbying, petitioning, marching, and being vocal at key events.
  • working individually and through networks to create a powerful voice for change and justice.

To do this we raise funds and encourage action from the Catholic community and beyond, and we’re sustained by their prayer and commitment.

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We educate and inspire in the UK:

We work with the Catholic Church of England and Wales to raise awareness and inspire commitment to end injustice and poverty in developing countries. We focus on:

  • encouraging Catholics to give, take action and pray, both individually and communally.
  • linking Catholics in England and Wales with communities in developing countries, based on dignity and equality.
  • empowering and educating young Catholics to respond to the call for global justice.

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