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Lent and food resources for secondary

Meet Mohammed from Sierra Leone and find out about his life. If you can't view this video in Youtube, right click to download here.

Order extra posters and collection envelopes for your classroom.

Our Hungry for change campaign continues until April 2014.

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Lent resources for young people

  1. Lent Fast Day 2014 assemblyResource page

    Powerpoint and readers' script for an assembly featuring Mohammed from Sierra Leone. Written for KS3 and KS4.

  2. Stations of the CrossResource page

    Images and reflections to help KS3, KS4 and youth groups pray the Stations this Lent.

  1. Lent calendar for young people 2014 (3 MB) Download file

    47 ways to 'Dig Deep' this Lent for young people in an interactive PowerPoint.

  2. Lent 2014 Fast Day short talk for Masses (920 kB) Download file

    A draft script that can be used by young people speaking at Masses to fundraise in their parish.

  3. Lent 2014 guide for young people (3 MB) Download file

    A Lent 2014 guide for young people with background on Sierra Leone and our partners' work there, fundraising ideas and donation return form.

  4. Guide to Sierra Leone for young people (1 MB) Download file

    A guide to Sierra Leone and our partners' work there, with two classroom exercises for KS3 or KS4.

  5. Lent 2014 press release for young people (334 kB) Download file

    A handy template for young people to use with local press when fundraising during Lent 2014.

  6. Mohammed's story (2 MB) Download file

    Story of Mohammed from Sierra Leone. Suitable for KS3 and KS4.

  7. Ash Wednesday youth liturgy 2014 (302 kB) Download file

    Ash Wednesday liturgy, suitable for KS3, KS4 and Post-16. Approximately 30 minutes, depending on size of group.

Explore our resources

  1. Food starter activitiesResource page

    A selection of our shorter activities, or resources that can easily be shortened, if you have a limited amount of time. Suitable for KS3 and KS4.

  2. Food: films for young people Resource page

    Short videos and animations to help inspire young people to pray and act for a just global food system.

  3. Winfreda's story Resource page

    Images, quotes and a story to help secondary students create their own liturgy, assembly or lesson around the theme of food.

  4. Reflections on FoodResource page

    Short activities and reflections on the theme of food. For KS3/KS4 form time or peer and youth groups.

  5. CAFOD Youth QuizResource page

    Hold your own CAFOD Quiz and raise money to support our work

  1. Hungry for change guide for young people (5 MB) Download file

    Guide and activity to engage young people with our Hungry for change campaign. If your class has already done this activity, use our Hungry for change update session instead.

  2. Food system poster (2 MB) Download file

    Explore the global food system with our poster. Print it out or order copies from

  3. Lesson plan: Life-giving bread for the world (681 kB) Download file

    Lesson plan for KS3 RE, using a selection of our food resources. Links to the Curriculum Directory are given.

  4. Food in scripture and Catholic Social Teaching (234 kB) Download file

    Use these Bible verses on the theme of food as a stimulus for discussion or when planning prayer times or liturgy.

  5. Food and hunger: causes, consequences and case studies (2 MB) Download file

    We produce enough food to feed everybody, so why is hunger still affecting millions of people? Whether you’re fundraising or campaigning for change, this resource will help young people find out more about food and hunger.

  6. Global reality meal (920 kB) Download file

    Step by step guide to running a Global Reality Meal.

  7. Food-related fundraising ideas (685 kB) Download file

    A fast day meal? A shared cookbook to sell? Fairtrade stall sale? More ideas for your foody fundraising!

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