Advent Appeal: With a mother's love...

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A mother’s love is powerful. Together with your Advent gift, it can even save lives.

Just a few months ago Santa Agripina’s youngest son Jansel had been so sick he’d nearly died. But a CAFOD-supported project meant that help reached Jansel before it was too late. Meet Santa Agripina, Jansel and hear their story in our video.

Help mothers give their children the best possible start in life >>

Sadly, many children in this area of Guatemala have experienced chronic malnutrition, and many children have died – from dehydration caused by diarrhoea, or from insect bites and worm infestations; their bodies so weakened by malnutrition that they cannot fight back.

Donations from CAFOD supporters are hard at work in this community. We are working with Santa’s local parish to run a mobile health clinic where mothers can check how well their children are growing, and receive support such as special food supplements and healthy eating advice to prevent malnutrition.

Santa Agripina and her family are rejoicing as Jansel is now a healthy weight and is no longer suffering from malnutrition. There are many other people in need of your help.

Donate today and support others like Santa and Jansel >>

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