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There's enough food for everyone, yet one in eight people go hungry each day. The way food is grown, sold and shared isn't working for the world’s poorest people. We can change this injustice.

We believe God created an abundant world. But our food system concentrates power in the hands of global companies, investors and governments, sidelining small-scale producers and consumers across the world.

Our Hungry for change campaign calls for empowering aid for small-scale farmers and checks on the power of global food companies. Email the Prime Minister now for a fairer food system >

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Fr Ignacio 'Nacho' Blasco speaks about climate change as part of our Hungry for change campaign, above.

Campaign resources on food

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  1. One human family, food for all campaign prayer from Caritas Internationalis (101 kB) Download file

    The official campaign prayer of Caritas Internationalis' anti-hunger campaign One human family, food for all. The prayer will be used in the wave of prayer to launch the campaign at 12pm on 10 December.

  2. One human family, food for all (101 kB) Download file

    On 10 December Caritas Internationalis launches its One human family, food for all campaign, with a wave of prayer around the world.

  3. Hungry for change: Quiz (142 kB) Download file

    Get people thinking about who goes hungry, why and what we can do about it.  

  4. Hungry for change: Posters (4 MB) Download file

    Two full colour posters (portrait) to help you promote the campaign in your parish, school or community group.

  5. Hungry for change: FAQs (157 kB) Download file

    Answers to all your tricky questions about the Hungry for change campaign.

  6. Hungry for change: PowerPoint presentation (4 MB) Download file

    Introduce your group to the Hungry for change campaign and inspire them to act. There are notes for speakers included in the 'Notes' section of this presentation.

  7. Hungry for change: References (511 kB) Download file

    References for all the quotes, statistics and facts used in the Food for thought guide

  8. Hungry for change: Food system infographic (1 MB) Download file

    How does our food reach our plates? This graphic explains the global food system - and shows why we need to take action to change it. Can be printed out onto A3 paper to display as a poster.

  9. Hungry for change: Food for Thought guide (4 MB) Download file

    Tuck in to the facts, stories and issues behind the Hungry for change campaign, find out what we are calling for and how you can take action for a fairer food system.

    To help get your whole community to take action, email or call 020 7095 5692 to order Hungry for change action cards (CAF2385).

New Report: What have we done? How the changing climate is hitting the poorest hardest

What have we done? How the changing climate is hitting the poorest hardest (3 MB) Download file exploring the effects of climate change on some of the world’s poorest communities. The report identifies how climate change affects food production and is especially harmful to small-holder farmers in developing countries. It looks at the action needed from politicians and people everywhere to halt global warming and protect creation.

Read the report here>>

Campaign resources for children and young people

  1. Lent Fast Day 2014 assemblyResource page

    Powerpoint and readers' script for an assembly featuring Mohammed from Sierra Leone. Written for KS3 and KS4.

  2. Food starter activitiesResource page

    A selection of our shorter activities, or resources that can easily be shortened, if you have a limited amount of time. Suitable for KS3 and KS4.

  3. Food: films for young people Resource page

    Short videos and animations to help inspire young people to pray and act for a just global food system.

  1. Lent 2014 guide for young people (3 MB) Download file

    A Lent 2014 guide for young people with background on Sierra Leone and our partners' work there, fundraising ideas and donation return form.

  2. Guide to Sierra Leone for young people (1 MB) Download file

    A guide to Sierra Leone and our partners' work there, with two classroom exercises for KS3 or KS4.

  3. Lent 2014 press release for young people (334 kB) Download file

    A handy template for young people to use with local press when fundraising during Lent 2014.

  4. Mohammed's story (2 MB) Download file

    Story of Mohammed from Sierra Leone. Suitable for KS3 and KS4.

  5. Ash Wednesday youth liturgy 2014 (302 kB) Download file

    Ash Wednesday liturgy, suitable for KS3, KS4 and Post-16. Approximately 30 minutes, depending on size of group.

  6. Food in scripture and Catholic Social Teaching (234 kB) Download file

    Use these Bible verses on the theme of food as a stimulus for discussion or when planning prayer times or liturgy.

  7. Hungry for change guide for young people (5 MB) Download file

    Guide and activity to engage young people with our Hungry for change campaign. Inspire them to join our call for a fair food system and an end to global hunger.

  8. Food and hunger: causes, consequences and case studies (2 MB) Download file

    We produce enough food to feed everybody, so why is hunger still affecting millions of people? Whether you’re fundraising or campaigning for change, this resource will help young people find out more about food and hunger.

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