Change your lifestyle: simple tips to help change the world

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As part of one global family and as stewards of creation, what we buy, how we consume and how we live can have a powerful impact on the lives of our brothers and sisters across the globe. Here are a few simple ways you can have a positive impact on the environment in your own home or parish.

Love food, hate waste
Last Lent, CAFOD campaigner Claudia Elliot spent a week living on the food other people throw away. Living only on leftovers might seem extreme, but being careful to use up what we have is a great way to cut waste and save money too. Check use-by and best before dates regularly; create a weekly meal plan, and try to shop with a list.You could even donate the money you save to help the world’s poorest people get their fair share.

  Tweet this: Did you know? One third of the world’s food produced is wasted per year

Go meat-free for a day
For Catholics, Friday is already a meat free day. But by cutting down on how much meat you eat throughout the week you can also save energy and shrink your carbon footprint. Share a simple, meat-free lunch with colleagues or family and use the time to reflect and pray for those affected by climate change.

Tweet this: On average producing one kilogram of beef requires 15,000 litres of water.

Choose Fairtrade
This is one powerful way to support small scale farmers and craftspeople. Find our more about Fairtrade>>

Tweet this: Did you know? 50% of the world’s hungry people are themselves farmers.

Become a LiveSimply parish
A fantastic way for parishes to show their commitment to living simply, sustainably and in solidarity with the poor. Can you inspire your parish to live simply?

Tweet this: In Europe we waste an average of 100kg of food per year. Someone in Sub-Saharan Africa wastes around 8kg.

Invest ethically
Not all banks are created equal. Triodos invests purely in sustainable businesses and organisations that work to benefit people or the environment. This includes organic food and farming businesses, to social housing and nature conservation projects. For every new savings accounts opened with Triodos via the special link, Triodos will donate £40 to CAFOD's work in the poorest countries around the world when you deposit your first £100.

Tweet this: Did you know? 90% of the world’s grain trade is owned by just four global companies

Use green energy
You don’t have to rely on polluting sources of energy - we have a great green alternative. Ecotricity will donate £40 to CAFOD if you switch to their 100 per cent green electricity, and £60 if you swap your electricity and gas supply. Just quote CAFOD1 when switching via or 08000 302 302.

Cut your paper waste
This Christmas, why not save on paper and send e-cards instead? CAFOD's e-cards benefit the world’s poorest people and saving trees at the same time!

Get involved
Your time is the most valuable gift you have to offer. Whether you have an hour one Sunday, a day here and there, or can sign up for a regular volunteering slot, you can help us create real change in the world. Find out about volunteering and campaigning opportunities with CAFOD.   

Get Hungry for change
By living more sustainably you are contributing to CAFOD’s Hungry for change campaign which calls for action to tackle the root causes of hunger. If you haven’t yet signed the petition, please take a minute to demand that the UK government takes steps to stop one in eight of our brothers and sisters going hungry.

Some of these tips, ideas and more can be found in our Fair Food Guide (911 kB) Download file .

If you would like further inspiration on how you can start living more simply, then check out this blog.

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