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Donate to the Syria Crisis appeal

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What has happened?

Fighting in Syria has caused a humanitarian crisis on a staggering scale, and it’s getting worse every day. Over 200,000 people have been killed and more than 12 million children, women and men driven from their homes.

What are the needs?

Millions of people desperately need aid right now. We need to provide food, shelter and safety for people driven from their homes, as well as blankets, warm clothes and other essentials. Please give today to help us reach the most vulnerable people.

What is CAFOD doing?

We’re working through trusted church partners in Syria to get vital aid and supplies to vulnerable people. We’re also working in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan, to help refugees who have crossed the border.

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Single gift

A Syrian refugee child holds free medicine given to her by a mobile clinic run by our partner Caritas Lebanon.

Syria Crisis parish resources

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  1. Prayer for peace in Syria (149 kB) Download file

    In the run-up to the fourth anniversary of the Syria crisis, please join us to pray for peace.

  2. Syria Crisis Appeal Poster for Parishes (422 kB) Download file

    Syria Crisis Appeal Poster for Parishes

  3. Syria Crisis Parish donation form (357 kB) Download file
  4. Intercessions for Syria (193 kB) Download file

    Prayers of intercession for the people affected by the ongoing conflict in Syria

  5. Prayer for those affected by the Syria crisis (207 kB) Download file

    A prayer for those affected by the ongoing conflict in Syria

  6. Gift Aid Declaration forms for collections (353 kB) Download file

    Fill this in and send with your cheque - then CAFOD also receives the tax on your donation.

Encourage students and young people to pray about the Syria crisis. Find resources in our education section.

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